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The following are track lists, audio clips, and lyrics from our albums. To see a few live performances and video clips, please check out our “Multimedia” page.


Black Label - Live in Berlin

“Live in Berlin”

1. Big Talker
2. Don’t Come Lookin’
3. Brothers In Arms
4. Addicted
5. Slap In The Face
6. Fallen Angel
7. Forever More
8. Blood On Your Hands
9. Shake It Baby Shake It
10. All Or Nothin’
11. Dirty Little Bitch
12. C’mon


Black Label - Blood Money

“Blood Money”

1. Slap In The Face
2. Big Talker
3. Dirty Little Bitch
4. Brothers In Arms
5. Don’t Come Lookin’
6. Forever More
7. Blood On Your Hands
8. Addicted
9. Fallen Angel
10. Lawless Street

After three studio albums, and two live CD’s, Black Label are set to release
their fourth studio album BLOOD MONEY. BLOOD MONEY is assured to intensely
captivate and wow critics and fans alike.


Booze, Blooze 'N' Tattoos

“Booze, Blooze ‘N’ Tattoos” (Live CD – Limited Edition)

Lawless Street
Show Me The Money
Missing You
Life In The Old Dog Yet
Soul Free
Thick As Thieves
Good Luck, Good Times
Motorcycle Rider
La Grange*
Sweet Home Alabama**
Saturday Night
In My Heart (Inst.)

All songs by Black Label except * (ZZ Top) and ** (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

This is a limited edition LIVE CD which includes performances from:
– Maitland Bike Show
– Bankstown Bike Show
– Rebels Bike Show
– C91.3FM
– Warehouse Studios, Rydalmere
– Tone Temple, Rydalmere

"Seven Deadly Sins"

“Seven Deadly Sins” (CD and DVD together)

My Fallen Angel
All Or Nothin’
Crystal Vision
Fool No More
Highway Of Desire
Shake It Baby Shake It


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Missing You
Things Ain’t Turned Out
Condition Critical
Thanks For The Memories
Soul Free
In My Heart
Lawless Street
Show Me The Money
Thick As Thieves
Life In The Old Dog Yet
Playin’ With Fire


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"The Dealer"

“The Dealer”

Snake In The Grass
Good Luck Good Times
Mamma Said
Tell Me Something New
Down Hill Road
Bad Influence
Old Man Jack
Motorcycle Rider
Midnight Rambling


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