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The following are our CD’s for sale. For track lists from our albums please see our Discography Page

Black Label - Live in Berlin

“Live in Berlin”

Black Label - Blood Money

“Blood Money”

Booze, Blooze 'N' Tattoos

“Booze, Blooze ‘N’ Tattoos” (Live CD – Limited Edition)

This is a limited edition LIVE CD which includes performances from:
– Maitland Bike Show
– Bankstown Bike Show
– Rebels Bike Show
– C91.3FM
– Warehouse Studios, Rydalmere
– Tone Temple, Rydalmere

"Seven Deadly Sins"

“Seven Deadly Sins” (CD and DVD together)



"The Dealer"

“The Dealer”

"Fan Pack"

SIX PACK – All of the above for true blue diehard Black Label Rockers!